Pavers Ontario, ON Pavers are excellent paving materials because they can easily make outdoor spaces stunningly beautiful. These materials can also create new functional spaces that can be used for relaxation and fun outdoor activities. They are available in a variety of styles, colors, finishes, and materials, so they can be used in various applications and decorative projects. And if you want to get these benefits, you need to hire a reliable paver installer like us at Paradiso Contracting.

Our company is one of the leading paving contractors in the Greater Toronto Area. For years, we have been helping property owners create livable outdoor spaces and highly functional areas. All of our creations are uniquely designed to enhance the overall appeal of our client’s property. Moreover, every paver amenity that we create is proven long-lasting because of our skillful installation crews. They are properly trained and certified paver installers. We urge you to call us right now so we can recommend the right types of pavers for your project. Dial (905) 660-1984 or visit us at our Concord, ON office.

Paver Design & Installation

As mentioned, we have well-trained and certified paver installers who can work on all kinds of paver features in residential and commercial properties. Our people can create custom designs that will perfectly showcase the peculiar design taste of our clients.

Here are some of the usual applications of pavers in residential and commercial properties:

  • Driveways. If you want to have a welcoming driveway that is also tough and long-lasting, we are the company to hire. Our driveway designs meet and even exceed industry standards, so you are assured of a structurally sound driveway. We also use premium-grade pavers for our driveway installation projects.

  • Walkways. Your landscaping will be more accessible if there are strategically positioned walkways. You can also attract more people to wander in your landscape or flower gardens by having professionally designed paver walkways.

  • Patios. The best outdoor living feature that you can add to your backyard is a patio. And here at Paradiso Contracting, we promise that you will get an exquisitely designed patio that can last a lifetime. You can have your own style or allow us to use popular themes such as Old World, Mediterranean, contemporary, and modern.

  • Steps and curbs. Most property owners neglect the importance of well-designed steps and curbs. These features can help improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping if the right materials are used. The use of pavers on your garden steps and curbing is an easy way to highlight the beauty of your landscaping.

Excellently Built Hardscape Features

At Paradiso Contracting, we can design and install various hardscape features, such as:

  • Walls. You can hire us to build all kinds of walls in your property. Whether they are retaining walls or decorative structures, we can surely build the perfect walls for your property.

  • Pool Coping. Pool coping has vital functions in your pools. It is not only installed for decorative purposes but also to reduce safety risks in the pool area. We always consider these factors when doing installation and replacement jobs.

  • Fire Features and Grills. Your paver amenities will become the perfect spots for family bonding and outdoor activities if you will include fire features and grills. We can install custom designed fireplaces or fire pits and have them installed in the middle of your garden or near outdoor living spaces.

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