Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving Ontario, ON We are the right company to hire if you are looking for a reliable asphalt paving contractor. Paradiso Contracting is offering topnotch asphalt installation service for residential and commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Our company has the capability to work on any paving project that uses asphalt, pavers, or concrete. We have already proven our expertise in this field with the large number of satisfied clients that we have serve in the region. We urge you to contact us now so we can discuss the details of your paving project. Dial (905) 660-1984 or visit us at our Concord office.

Why Hire Us for Your Asphalt Paving Project?

Paradiso Contracting is one of the few paving contractors in Ontario that can guarantee top-quality asphalt paving. It is our policy to provide clients with the finest workmanship regardless of the scope or nature of the project. Whether you hire us to pave your driveway or get our services to build a private roadway or parking lot, we can handle the job with ease and great efficiency.

Here are some more reasons why you should hire Paradiso Contracting:

  • extensive experience as a contractor
  • well-trained and skilled crews
  • licensed and certified contractor
  • complete construction tools and paving equipment
  • partnerships with leading suppliers and manufacturers

Outstanding Benefits of Asphalt Paving

Some property owners shun the idea of having an asphalt driveway in their property because they believe that asphalt is an inferior paving material. But here at Paradiso Contracting, we beg to disagree. Asphalt, when installed by experienced contractor, can last for years with minimal maintenance efforts. Its durability has been tried and tested by millions of property owners worldwide. The toughness of asphalt is also one of the reasons why most road networks in North America are made from asphalt paving.

If you are still hesitant to use asphalt for your driveway, private roadway, or outdoor space, please take a look at these benefits:

  • Cost-effective. Asphalt is cheaper than other paving materials such as concrete, pavers, and natural stones. You can save 30 to 40 percent on installation cost when you choose this type of paving material.

  • Easy installation. If you want speedy completion of your outdoor improvement project, choose asphalt paving. An asphalt driveway is completed faster because of specialized paving equipment. You won't have to wait for several days just to use your new driveway or roadway.

  • Usability. Asphalt has a shorter curing period than concrete. This means that you can use your new outdoor amenity within 2 to 4 days. If you let us build your paver amenity during Spring or Fall, expect a faster curing time for your asphalt features and amenities.

  • Flexible pavement. The great thing about asphalt is its flexibility. It will not easily crack compared to concrete slabs even when subjected to extreme weather conditions and constant use.

  • Recyclable. For those who are environment conscious, asphalt paving is your best pick. It is not only easy to maintain but also a recyclable material.

  • Easy to repair and maintain. Asphalt is easier to maintain than concrete paving or bricks. With the help of professional contractors, a damaged asphalt driveway can be repaired at minimal costs. A new seal coat is typically recommended to hide the pavement’s imperfections such as linear cracks.

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